About HealthVault Application Data Checkup

Version 1.0

HealthVault Application Data Checkup is a utility that HealthVault developers can use to improve the quality of the data that their application puts into HealthVault.

The HealthVault data model supports describing data at many levels of specificity to support a wide variety of scenarios.

For example, an application storing medication information may only have the name of the medication that was entered by the user. In other scenarios, a medication may come from a clinical system and detailed information such as the rxnorm code for the medication and the prescribing physician may be available.

To be able to support the simple scenario, the medication type only requires the medication name, but that means that some applications may be putting less data in than they could.

HeathVault Application Data Checkup addresses this by examining each data instance in a record and providing suggestions on how the data could be improved.

Application developers should evaluate the appropriateness of each suggestion for their particular situation, and try to provide as much information as possible in HealthVault data types. It is expected that there will be suggestions that are not appropriate for some applications.

Please send us feedback about HealthVault Application Data Checkup.

Currently Supported Types

The following types are currently analyzed by HealthVault Application Data Checkup.

Additional types will be supported in future versions of HealthVault Application Data Checkup.